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Rentals  Interlaken

Interlaken rentals for rock climbing, via ferrata,   and mountaineering gear.  Rentals Interlaken are available all year round.

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Climbing Gear Rentals

1. Day 2. Day
Mountaineering Boots CHF 20.-CHF 30.-
Rock Climbing boots CHF 10.-CHF 15.-
Harness CHF 10.-CHF 15.-
Climbing Helmet CHF 5.-CHF 10.-
Via Ferrata set only CHF 15.-CHF 20.-
Via Ferrata set, harness,and helmet CHF 25.-CHF 40.-
Ice Axe CHF 10.-CHF 15.-
Crampons CHF 10.-CHF 15.-
Frozen Waterfall Ice axe CHF 20.-CHF 30.-
Backpack 30 liter CHF 10.-
Gloves CHF 10.-
Jacket  CHF 15.-
Fleece CHF 10.-

Trekking Gear Rentals

Boots CHF 20.-CHF 30.-
 Poles Leki CHF 5.-CHF 10.-

Snowshoe Rentals

Snowshoes CHF 15.-CHF 25.-
Poles CHF 5.-CHF 10.-

Avalanche Transceiver Rentals

Avalanche Transceiver CHF 15.-CHF 20.-
Avalanche Shovel/probe CHF 10.-CHF 10.-
SET CHF 25.-CHF 35.-

Special group or family discounts available



Gsteigstr 31
3800  Matten beiInterlaken

Tel 0041338226000